Mixed Media: AI + Photography

For some time now I have been interested (like many other artists) in the artistic use of AI.
Having a background as a photographer, I did not want to abandon my favorite language altogether and began to investigate a way to integrate my photographs into AI backgrounds.

As you can appreciate next here, in a cyberpunk scenario you can see a brightly lit billboard showing a picture coming from my collection. Two viewers with umbrellas, added later in post production, look at the photo.
Available on OBJKT

Someday soon, we will stop defining an artist by the medium he or she uses. For the painters of the 1800s, photographers were not artists. For film photographers, digital photographers were not. Then there the people who say “but now they do everything in Photoshop” not knowing that even before, in the darkroom, they did post-production. Now AI is being criticized. Obviously 99 percent of today’s artists will be forgotten (probably including me) because they are not worth being in art history books but then a 1 percent will make history, even with AIs that are merely the last frontier of a journey that began with drawings on cave walls and has yet to be concluded.

In a winter, cyberpunk setting, a person is in a living room of a futuristic house.
An illuminated panel appears in the window with a picture from my collection

Available on OBJKT