Who I am, my NFT projects

I am a self-made photographer who is always looking for the most congenial language for me. Long-term projects are the language in which I express myself best.

I grew up in a simple family to which I give the merit of having handed down a great sense of responsibility, I immediately felt a personal need, dictated by my deepest being, to feed my soul through study, art, literature, music and painting.

Interested in every form of art, I found in photography the best way to express myself and I put at the center of my goal the human being.
Inspired by the great photographers such as Robert Mappelthorpe, Richard Avedon, Bill Viola, Helmuth Newton up to the master Massimo Vitali with whom I have been collaborating for several years now, from them I learned to look at the body as human, I discovered the coherence and the planning of art and learned the deepest respect for things.

I chose studio photography, the one that allows me to work on images with long, very long sessions; I need to read the person in depth, understand the lights, the timing and the interactions with the subject. I mainly choose people who want to be told, without any aesthetic constraint but only ethical (based on respect for the person himself, which is both the starting and ending point of my work).

I’ve always liked the body, in its purest form, covering and discovering the body in its most ethereal features, with this NFT project “Be-Hind the Cellophane” and more material with the NFT “The Body Maps” project.

The Behind the Cellophane NFT project tells something about my past artistic life, where distance between photographer and subject was high, perhapse telling something about my past life. Due to the success I have received, I am continuing to shoot photo sets of this project, portraying new women behind the cellophane.

The transition from the ethereal world of the behind, where the cellophane wraps around the subject who moves through a filter and leaves me only with the task of recording the movement, the silhouette and the volume, to the material world (the maps) occurs thanks to a painful trauma and my consequent need for a radical change of course and point of view where I re-take control of the movement, I get closer to the subject and I choose the parts of the body to photograph and map.

The body becomes matter, plot and texture to be observed, to be valued, fragments of skin and life to be re-ordered. With The Body Maps NFT project I start a new chapter of my professional activity, a digital project destined to the NFT world that is able to enhance the characteristics of this kind of artwork, that is seriality and identity.

Map #1 is the turning point of my artistic activity. It is the moment when I cross the diaphragm and get in direct contact with the subject, studying it and telling it in my own way. Choosing which characteristic traits should represent it.
The artwork finally is a collage of the original shots. It finds its roots in the work of David Hockney but looks to the future as each collage is generated by an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the work resides in NFT format on the smartchain where it will remain forever.