Behind the Cellophane

This NFT project borns from the idea of telling, through images, the behavioral dynamics that are often established between two people. You can find the NFT Collection visiting my Link Tree page.
Each set consists of a series of photos taken in the studio where each female subject is portrayed through an opaque cellophane membrane. Model and photographer never meet. Each occupies their own half of the studio. In each set the intimacy of the person portrayed is guaranteed, and she is always “protected” by the cellophane diaphragm. 

The subject portrayed tells his story freely through the images, moving as she feel fit in the space available and living the set as an experience, often surprising, revealing, never predictable. 

The post-produced images are dreamy, milky, blurred, foggy, with ill-defined contours. This mise-en-scène wants to represent the distance between model and photographer that represents what sometimes happens in real life between two people. In fact it often happens that we interact at a distance without ever crossing the bubble of personality, without ever really knowing each other

This distance on the one hand defends us from the observer, on the other hand it can lead to misunderstanding and misinterpretation, to see the other as he is not. 

At the same time, the membrane deforms the image of the person by making it flawless, abstract, almost synthetic, to remind us that we can never be completely ourselves in front of someone else. 

Because the set is totally free, sometimes women decide to go outside the diaphragm and therefore the set becomes “outside the diaphragm,” as in the new editions on OS.

All the NFT available are now here on Teia Art (only secondary) with collections. I have also 1/1 premium content on FND (secondary) and KO (primary) and the newest 10 editions on OS